Beastly - Alex Flinn Beastly was hard to get into at first for me. Kyle was just SO self absorbed I had a really hard time reading him., but that's the point I guess. He is a beast after all, he has to be shallow and self absorbed at first. Once the transformation takes place the story starts to pick up, but the change in his personalty doesn't really start to happen till "Beauty" shows up. I liked the concept of telling the story from the beasts perspective though. I thought that was unique, we are so often told this story from the girls perspective that it was refreshing (once he stopped being so full of himself) to see it from his perspective. Of course since this is a modern retelling of beauty and the beast the plot is pretty predictable, but it was neat to see the story played out in NYC. I also really enjoyed the chat room sequences between each part I found them rather amusing, and would like to see Alex Flinn write some of the other chat room members stories as well. Over all I enjoyed the story. If you are reading this and finding Kyle hard to read just remember he is supposed to be self absorbed and conceited if he wasn't the wouldn't have been transformed in to the beast and there would be no story.